Saturday, October 4, 2014

Wedding Day Recap

Our wedding day was perfect. I was completely calm and not nervous, which was surprising. I guess that's how it feels when you KNOW without a doubt in your mind that you are making the best decision of your life. I was SO excited to be starting our new lives together & to actually move into our house. We closed on it in January and Joe moved in...and I had to wait until after our wedding to move in. Keepin'  it old school. But, that made it that much more special.

 I drove to the church and carried my dress in. I was the first person to arrive, other than my lovely photographer. It was kind of nice to have that quiet time before such a busy day. I was excited to see how the sanctuary was decorated. Kaye, who I know from work & church, was SO sweet and offered for her & her mother to decorate the sanctuary for me. It was BEAUTIFUL. She completely out did herself. I am forever grateful for her!


My Mom, Sara, Kelly, & Angela arrived shortly after I did. I was anxious to get in my dress! Mom laced my dress up and did such a good job. We had practiced a couple times before the big day. :)

We were in a room inside the church along with Carrie, Charlotte, Susan, & Margot. Later Joe's Mom and Grandma came to see me. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. I enjoyed spending time with everyone, but it seemed like we had to wait a long time. Charlotte and Margot kept me entertained with their cuteness.


I was really excited when I realized the guys were walking into the church. I snuck a peak so I could see my handsome groom coming inside with his groomsmen. Joe says he wasn't nervous either. I mean why would he be...he was making the best decision of his life! ;)



It was finally time for my girls to line up and get ready to walk down the aisle. I think they were more nervous than I was. lol. After the cutest flower girls in the whole entire world started making their way down the aisle, the doors were shut for my grand entrance. It was just me, my Dad, my brother Dusty & the wedding coordinator. My dad started to cry & my brother said "just think about sports." I had already told myself I was NOT going to cry.



Dusty & the wedding coordinator opened the double doors and it was time for my Dad to walk me down the aisle. Trinity has a LONG aisle! I was looking to see who all had made it and then I saw my friend Belinda. She was bawling her eyes I will never forget that because it made me laugh. Then I realized Oh yeah, I need to look at my groom! He was SO handsome and would soon be my husband!


The ceremony was beautiful and seemed to go by really fast. If you ask Joe, he will tell you it seemed like it took forever. lol. I feel like I actually took everything in while it was happening. I had several friends tell me to actually ENJOY my wedding and be in the moment. I made a conscience effort to do so and am so glad I did.


Afterwards we took a bunch of pictures and then headed back inside to the fellowship hall. Poogie catered our wedding and did a fantastic job. They served everyone buffet style: fried or baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, mac & cheese, rolls, and sweet tea. After talking to many people while wedding planning, we made SURE to eat at the reception.

I think my favorite part of the day was when Joe & I had our first dance. It was a time where we could actually take everything in and enjoy each other. That's when it hit us that we were MARRIED! All the planning and preparing for the wedding was all worth it. The day was absolutely perfect.

We've now been married about 6 months & couldn't be happier! :)


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sweet Summer Time

I'm officially on summer break & loving it! I get four straight weeks off of work woohoo! I'm still working my part-time job at the group home for the intellectually disabled a couple times a week, just to keep busy. Joe & I have been doing Vacation Bible School this week at our church. I enjoy keeping busy...Joe on the other hand sees nothing wrong with just "relaxing." He has learned that he has to look at the calendar on the fridge to see what all we have going on. Love him. :)

We are really loving married life. We were both saying the other day how fun it is. We get along great and love spending so much time together. The "man cave" comes in handy when we don't want to watch the same thing on TV. I love reality TV & Joe loves sports. And I learned that Joe snores in his sleep & apparently I talk in mine. I've also had to learn to share the bed and not sleep in the middle...the joys of married life. ;)

We are getting ready to swimming for a little bit before we head to VBS later. Love summer time!